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Professional packing for TVs, fragile items, piano, pictures or artwork and china cabinets.

TV Panel Packing
Upholstery Packing
Packing Furniture
Packing Boxes

Packaged stuff in the cardboard boxes keep it safety all way. We provide all modern packing materials for moving.

     Furniture and belongings according to your desire for greater safety can be packed. To do this movers have an arsenal of modern packing materials and established collectors professionals with the necessary tools and most importantly with a great experience. Also moving company do delivery to your location boxes and packing materials for moving services.

Small Cardboard Boxes

For efficient and effective use of cardboard boxes in a small-size corrugated packing (bookbox) should be put on considerable weight and small-sized objects (books, records, business papers, albums, etc.);

Cardboard Boxes

Packing of large-sized personal items (pillows, blankets, coats, etc.), office equipment, computer equipment, kitchen appliances. Overall but not heavy stuff;

Packing Shrink Wrap

Furniture, office equipment and other items required are wrapped in situations where the property to be transported over long distances, as well as placing the property for storage in a warehouse. This materials is disposable;

Packing Bubble Wrap

Packing cardboard is used as consumables in the packing complex configuration items, as well as to close the glass surfaces of TV panels and monitors. Bubble wrap;

Packing Tape

Tape used in all types of packing: for gluing, fixing angles, fastening lined surfaces with the help of design takes strength and rigidity;

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